Strip Tease & Rocket Man Bonefish Fly

Another great fly by Dick Brown, I call this one the “Sparkplug”, because that’s what it sounds like when it lands. Plus, it’s pretty dang bright underwater. It’s a HUGE pain to tie (for a primitive saltwater fly tier) but bones sure do love it. Check out tying instructions here.

I fish this pattern in the deep “white holes” during flood tides when the bones are cruising for crabs and sandfleas and the water is a little milky. I like to cast it a good bit ahead of the fish and wait till it gets close to strip. Usually this one works well with the classic strip-pause-strip retrieve. Feel for the take in that deeper water.

Hook : #6-#4 Mustad Signature Big Game
Thread : Gotcha or Hot Pink
Weight : Lead Dumbbell, Small / Bead-Chain, Med.
Body : Dubbing, Synthetic Sand
Mouth : Craft Fur or Dubbing, Hot Orange
Feelers : Crystal Flash, Black & Crystal
Legs : Silli-Legs, Fire Tip, Orange/Clear
Eyes : Burnt Mono
Tail : Craft Fur, Sand/Tan
Weed-Guard : 20-lb Mono Prong
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