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Guide Davin's client Hooked up to Cayman Bonefish On the Fly

Guide Davin Ebanks loving his job!

Specializing in Bonefish on Fly

FISH BONES Guided Fly Fishing is a small guide service located on the island of Grand Cayman. We specialize in guided fly fishing wade trips for bonefish. Although not known as a flats fishing destination, these three small islands have good numbers of bonefish and tarpon, as well as many other fun saltwater species like jacks, barracuda, snappers, pompano, snook and even permit.

Local Knowledge & Experience

We have that knowledge—particularly where bonefish are concerned. Our local guides were born to the shallows surrounding Grand Cayman, in tune with the tides and temperaments that determine when and where the elusive “gray fox” will be and how to entice them to the fly. They have fished these waters since they were old enough to hold a line and have pursued that passion with an unwavering dedication ever since. (Call it an inherited love.) Fish Bones has been guiding fly fishing anglers to bonefish and tarpon for over 15 years with the dedication and old-fashioned work ethic that characterize the Caymanian people.

This is Classic Bonefishing

Of the flats fishing on Grand Cayman owner Davin Ebanks says, We may not have the vast flats of some other Caribbean destinations, but what we lack in size we make up for in intensity. I can consistently put my anglers on tailing bonefish without ever stepping foot in a flats boat. That is not a luxury found just anywhere.

Fishing has always figured prominently in the Caymanian culture, but more and more sport fishing is becoming part of the local economy. From the great Blue Marlin to the shy Bonefish, these small islands are home to a staggering variety of species… and there are captains and guides to match the fish. However, most charters here are more proficient with traditional bait fishing methods and few are equipped to deal with the special needs and challenges of fly fishing.

While the Cayman Islands are not a destination that many people visit specifically for bonefish, it sure is nice to have that option once you’re here. I cater to a lot of beginners who just want their first taste of flats fishing with a fly rod.

After casting to 3-6 pound tailing fish on their first outing, most of them are hooked for life! You can see it in their eyes.

~ Davin Ebanks
Owner & Bonefish Guide

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  • Choice of Tours: 4, 6 or 8 Hrs
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Cayman Fast Facts

  • Temperature
    • Average Summer: 85°F (30°C)
    • Average Winter: 77°F (25°C)
  • Humidity: 78% (Yearly Average)
  • Rainy Season: May-June & Sept-Oct.
  • Hurricanes: Jun-Nov. (Peak: Aug-Oct.)
  • Population: 58,435 (2013)
  • Land: 102 sq mi (264 km2)
  • Capitol: George Town
  • Driving Side: Left
  • Units: Imperial (m.p.h., etc.)
  • Main Language: English

Davin Ebanks

Owner, Guide & Bonefishionado

I started FISH BONES Guided Fly Fishing in 2001. Born and raised on Grand Cayman, I’ve been fishing since before I can remember. One of my favorite experiences is guiding anglers to their first bonefish. I love wading for bonefish, I can relate to the excitement and anxiety of fishing somewhere new; I know what it’s like from my own travels. I’ve bonefished in Hawaii, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Panama, Great Exuma, Eleuthera, Andros, and the Florida Keys… and I’ve loved every minute of it. I hope you enjoy your fishing trip with us here on Grand Cayman Island just as much!

May the wind be always at your back and your lines be tight!

What's Been Said

Dave Bayne
Thanks again for a great time. Made me remember why we fly fish and how it makes things just better. I can’t wait to feel a bonefish on the line again, still have not gotten past that rush!

Ed Taylor

Fly Fishing Guide

Ed knows bonefish. In fact, he has over 36 years of experience fishing the local waters since he was a boy. From deep-sea fishing to walking the flats, Ed’s you’re man and guiding for bonefish is his passion. A skilled angler, he’s also a calm and effective casting instructor. Ed loves to fish and he enjoys spending the day with fellow anglers who just want to have fun fishing! He’s the kind of guide who ties his own flies, perfecting several of the most simple and effective patterns I’ve ever fished. Fishing is just what he does, and I’m glad to be able to book clients with him.

Bill Beckler

I enjoyed fishing with Ed last week. On Monday we caught 1 bonefish and 3 tarpon. Fantastic! Ed was great! He worked with me on my cast. Now, because of Ed, I’m getting 50-55 feet.

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