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Bonefishing Tips & Techniques

Bonefishing… with a fly rod can be considered one of the most visually stimulating and challenging enterprises an angler can

The Usual

The best bonefish fly I’ve ever fished. Period. It’s caught bones from Cayman to the Bahamas to the Florida Keys,

The Clean Release

Bonefish Release Technique It’s common knowledge that bonefish are no good to eat; as their name suggests, they are full

Saltwater Fly Casting

It was windy, too windy to be wading thigh-deep in cold water. I could clearly see the tails of bonefish

Strip Strike vs Trout Set

What is the Strip-Strike? A strip-strike (a.k.a. strip-set) is a long pull with the line-hand to set the hook while

About Us

Guided Fly Fishing Personal service… FISH BONES Guided Fly Fishing is a small guide service located on the island of Grand